Black Future 88 Collectors Edition Update v45 5-PLAZA

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Free Download: Black Future 88 Collectors Edition Update v45 5-PLAZA

 Black Future 88 Collectors Edition Update v45 5-PLAZA

Release Name: Black Future 88 Collectors Edition Update v45 5-PLAZA

Somewhere in a parallel universe, our world exists in which history has gone a completely different way. There is no place for technological progress, and the development of mankind has stopped at one point. In the game Black Future 88, your hero finds himself in such an alternative world where time stood still on one summer day in 1988. That morning, the crazy and brilliant inventor Duncan created powerful bombs and decided to drop them on the planet. As a result of terrible explosions and endless nuclear rains after summer, winter immediately set in, forever eclipsing the sun above the horizon. These events led to the abolition of the calendar calculus, and now the tragic year never ends.

You have to take on the role of one of the lucky ones who are lucky to survive in the continuous nuclear rain, and put an end to the suffering of the planet. Get to the tower, on top of which the same architect of bombs lives, and destroy his whole essence. You will have to go the hardest way in your life, where at every step you will need to face mortal danger. Try to emerge victorious from all the terrible situations that your hero will fall into. Stop the nuclear rain and let this world try to revive again.

Size: 420.68 MB

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